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>>>IMPORTANT<<< The Final Update on Jed and the Future of ExpandaPanda/BannaGalactic.

PICARTO TV stream TBD (Day/Time of day subject to change). TBD will be featured.
If you’d like to join, you’ll find the stream here: (Discord link Here.)



When suggesting characters in the forums for the Fan Requested Pin-Ups Gallery, please edit any existing posts with new characters instead of creating new posts.


Want to suggest a character? Find the suggestion threads HERE.


TO ALL REMAINING BANNAGALACTIC MEMBERS: You are now Legacy members! You will enjoy all the same weekly content that will be posted both here and on the new site. The only difference is the Expanse-level content and/or access to the archives (ONLY available on ExpandaPanda). If the new Expanse content doesn’t interest you, then we encourage you to keep your account active here, and enjoy the original access price!

Please head over to the FORUM to read the update on the new site which just opened 1/1/2020.